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World Food Program

Malawi, Africa


During Spring Break 2014 Dr. David Sanders and Prof. Steve McCarthy will be traveling to Malawi, Africa on a reporting trip with Students from Montclair State University. For the first time, an all female crew of 5 TVDM Majors will be traveling to produce journalistic pieces from the region. Hosted by the hospitality of the World Food Program, who helped book transportation and hotels, students will be working on three different stories with them about helping Malawi become self sustaining in the years to come.

In addition students will be working on a story with UNICEF and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Mr. O’Donnell has teamed up with UNICEF to raise money to buy desks for school children in Malawi.

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K.I.N.D Fund: Desks For Children In Malawi Africa

By Ying Deng

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world with severe hunger issues. There is also a great inequality problems within the education system. The Malawian government established a free primary school system in 1994. However, while the primary school enrollment increases, there is a constant shortage of classroom supplies. According to UNICEF, only about 50% of the students finish their primary school education.

This is a story about MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell who visited Malwai and began a charity to buy one simple item: desks for students.

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Deforestation In Malawi

By Stephanie Giang

In the village of Nessa and Mvuduwa climate change and deforestation affected the community in many ways. One of the issues is they are running out of wood, effecting their entire way of living.

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Purchase For Progress: Malawi, Africa

By Bryana Arlington

In a fertile country bursting with life, it’s hard to believe that Malawi cannot feed itself. With an exploding population, the problem is only going to get worse in the years to come. One major problem is the lack of a structured agricultural system. The U.N.’S World Food Program is attempting to create a solution where farmers can grow food, bring it to market and make a profit to reinvest in their business; it’s called Purchase for Progress.

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World Food Program Provides Food For Schools

By Sofia Chavez

Imagine going to school everyday and being expected to learn on an empty stomach. Millions of children in Malawi go to school hungry everyday. The UN’s World Food Program recognizes this problem and through a program called Home Grown School Feeding, they provide food for learners which increases attendance overall.

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Hot Product From The Warm Heart

By Gentrix Shanga

Montclair State University alumnus, Philip Perry, is trying to export a gourmet African hot sauce to the states through his non-profit organization, Build Up. Perry went to Malawi to join efforts with the CEO of Nali Limited, Edward Khoromana. The duo looks to make “Africa’s hottest peri peri sauce” a household name in America while helping reduce poverty in Malawi and America with the money made from the export.

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